What to see in Milan – Discover some of the most beautiful places in Milan

When you arrive in a new city, every tourist tries to visit all the most important and famous places. But in addition to the main attractions, there are other places that deserve to be discovered.

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Below are some of the most beautiful places in town, here’s what to see in Milan:

1.Church of San Cristoforo

The Church of San Cristoforo is located on the Naviglio Grande. At one time its fifteenth-century bell tower was considered the lighthouse indicating the proximity of the city to those who came from Ticino. To reach this Renaissance jewel, thanks to your MilanExperienceCard you can take tram number 2 from Piazza Duomo Milan and reach the Church of San Cristoforo.

2.Church of St. Maurice at the Monastery Maggiore

Named the Sistine Chapel of Milan, the Church of St. Maurice at the Monastery Maggiore is in the process of Magenta, near Piazzale Cadorna Milan. The interior of the church is entirely frescoed by Bernardino Luini.

Use your Milan Card and get to the church by taking the Milan red metro and get off at Piazzale Cadorna, take the avenue Carducci and on the left you can find Corso Magenta.

3.Church of Santa Maria at San Satiro

The Church of Santa Maria in San Satiro near the Duomo Milan, via Torino. The peculiarity of this church is the fake choir designed by Bramante. Because of the little space for making the choir, Bramante designed reliefs and molded tiles to form a prospective escape to give the idea of depth.

To reach this church you can take the Milan red metro or the Milan yellow metro, get off at the Milan Duomo stop and head for Torino. Not far from this church, there is the Crypt of San Sepolcro, in San Sepolcro Square, built on the ancient Roman hole in the city. For more information, click here.

4.Highline Galleria Milan

Near the Duomo in Milan, there is the Highline Galleria, the catwalk on the roofs of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Designed by architect Giuseppe Mengoni, the Gallery was inaugurated on March 7, 1865 by King Vittorio Emanuele II.

Thanks to MilanoCard you can get free access to Highline Galleria. Click here and find out how!

5.The Monumental Cemetery Milan

What to see in MilanThe Monumental Cemetery in Milan is the largest city cemetery located in the city center. Thanks to MilanoCard you can reach the cemetery by taking the Milan lilac metro and descending to the Monumental stop. The Monumental Cemetery was designed by the architect Carlo Maciachini and built in 1864.

The cemetery is considered an open-air museum. It houses statues and monuments of famous artists including Vincenzo Vela, Adolf Wildt, Medardo Rosso, Italo Antico, Lucio Fontana and many more.

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